Film Sound

Making Films is about passion, it takes a lot of energy and will to
make a good movie.Old Movie Set At Big World Sound  we’re also passionate about making good cinema.  In fact, we won’t stop until whatever film we work on has the perfect soundtrack.  It’s not easy and it’s time consuming but we love the work so it’s not a chore.  Call us today for a consultation on your project. The earlier you contact us the more we can help, in fact, we can help you understand the process and plan for it so you wind up with the best film possible!  From great production sound through the final sound mix in our state of the art Pro Tools studio we can help you achieve your goals,
on time and within budget!


ADR requires a top tier stage and a state of the art recording chain. Great ADR is a lot more personal. It’s about motivating the actor, coaxing some inspiring reads and securing that perfection of sync and performance that will meld flawlessly with what’s up there on the screen.

Sound Design/ Editorial

Sublime sound design and editing is about mastering the magic of sound. Knowing when to apply the tried and true protocols of sound effects editing, and knowing when (and how) to go off road  and let some “madhouse” artistry drive the sonic palette.


Great mixing requires the perfect blend of insight and intuition, experience and expertise. It’s knowing how to fade in just the right levels of emotion, energy and colour to fully reveal character and story.


Great foley is subtle. It’s knowing when to enhance and emphasize, or simply accent and compliment. It’s melding just the right amount of movement, prop and surface to construct an “invisible sound” that always seemed to be there.

Below are some films we’ve been proud to work on.

Metta Via Directed by Warren Flanagan
Sound Design & Music Doug Paterson

SUSPENSION Trailer-HD from Big World Sound on Vimeo.

A Girl’s Best Friend from Big World Sound on Vimeo.

Guess Who’s Coming to Christmas from Big World Sound on Vimeo.