Complete Audio Post Production Services for Visual Media


Quality, affordable audio services, on time and on budget!D-Command
We offer full service audio post, ADR, Foley, Sound Design, Sound Effects Editing and of course re-recording mixing in stereo or 5.1 surround.

During your projects pre-production, call us for a no charge consultation where we can help you find the right location recordist to get your project started off right!
Already in post?  Don’t worry, we can still help out with a no hassle free of charge consultation to discuss your audio-post needs!

The Process:

First, download our Technical Specifications sheet so your technical types can prepare your content to our specs so we can get started with all our ducks in a row.
We check your content; Quicktime movies, AAF/OMF’s, Wav files etc. to make sure everything is ready for us to jump in.
Once we’ve ascertained that everything is correct we proceed to ingest your content into our state of the art Pro Tools system.

Now we’re ready to get to the fun stuff!

  • Depending on the nature of your project, it will be sent to our various departments for the clean-up, de-noising and restoration to be done.  Your dialogue will be edited so that it sounds like butter, perfectly smooth and ready for the next stage.
  • Next, ADR (if necessary) will be recorded
  • Sound effects will be recorded and prepared or chosen from our 1 TB+ SFX library so that we have we have the perfect sound effects edit.
  • Foley will be recorded and placed to enhance and perfect the reality of your film so that viewers can do the most important thing; concentrate on the story.
  • Lastly, we will Re-record your soundtrack in our calibrated mix stage to your exact specifications.
    Don’t know your specifications?  Don’t worry we’ll source them for you and prepare your deliverables so you don’t face any headaches when you deliver to your client.

Below is an example of how substantial a good dialogue edit and sound mix can be.
Check out this example in 3 parts.

and these other clips demonstrating noise reduction and removal: