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Web Audio


Sound for the web has to be carefully prepped and prepared.  Audio on the internet is a weird juxtaposition of sub-standard audio versus cutting edge amazing sounding audio.  Audio has to have the right levels and it has to sound good on a variety of playback systems, from tiny one speaker towers to monster 5.1 surround sound systems.  We can do that on time and within budget.  We work with you to figure out what’s important to your vision and we make it happen, it’s that simple.

Sound Design and Re-recording mix by Big World

Sound Design and Re-recording mix by Big World

Film Editing and Music Composition by Big World

Sound Design and re-recording mix by Big World

Telus contracted Big World to do the sound design and audio mix for their new web commercials.

We were hired by Ann Marie to mix and master this short animation done for the NFB

Telus Power Cycle from Big World Sound on Vimeo.